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ACL Rehab

Transform Your ACL Rehab with Myomuv:
The Ultimate Solution for a Safe and Effective Recovery

Our goal is simple.

To provide the highest level of ACL rehabilitation in the Upstate area.

We have so many young athletes every day suffer some type of ACL injury requiring surgery and a very long rehab timeline. We make the recovery and journey athlete specifically matched to their own recovery timeline, movement profile, sport specific and position specific demands.

Recovering from an ACL reconstruction is one of the most challenging rehab experiences in all of sports, both mentally and physically. Having proper guidance and a performance physical therapist that understands this injury: from risks, to rehab, to return to sport; is necessary. We have your athlete covered from day ONE! And they will be treated like an athlete from day one!

For example; strategies to keep the un-involved side and upper extremities strong and healthy throughout the early phase of ACL rehab! We even go to all of your follow up appointments with the surgeon and orthopedic team members!

If We Look at ACL Research...

The risk of suffering a second ACL injury following ACL reconstruction is alarmingly high.

Studies show that the rate of encountering a second ACL injury can range from 14.1 – 29.5% Returning to sports too early increases the likelihood of suffering a second ACL injury. Research shows that athletes should not return to sports until at least 9 months after an ACL surgery.

Athletes who successfully complete return-to-sport testing are 35% less likely to suffer a second injury compared to those who do not successfully complete the testing. Reducing limb imbalances, primarily before returning to sports is imperative for maximizing performance and reducing the risk of secondary ACL injury.
Our number #1 goal is to NOT allow you to become one of those statistics.

ACL Rehab

Most physical therapy clinics provide post-operative care that is limited due to small treatment space and inadequate equipment. Our rehabilitation facility passes the eye test! It has the open space and proper equipment for recovering athletes. This allows me to challenge my athletes, appropriately strengthen them, and gradually reintroduce sport-specific task such as, cutting, jumping and landing.

Regaining confidence is a huge component of recovery and having the proper tools and space to safely perform sport specific movements is pivotal to a successful return to sport!

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- Lori D.


I started seeing Bryan after having a lot of knee pain. I am new to exercise and started CrossFit and thought I had injured it- Bryan showed me that I needed to help build and condition Smaller muscles In my gluteus and hip and it will help me be able to move better. I am excited for my progress and look forward to more as he helps me reach my goals.

- Jim J.


Have been to several chiropractors over the years and they would fix my acute symptoms without addressing the underlying reasons. The problems kept coming back. Dr Kieth took the time to identify the issues and developed a personal plan to change and overcome the physical issues so that i can stay pain free. I highly recommend seeing him. It was refreshing to talk to a Dr that did not simply say “stop doing what your doing”

- Melissa O.


Incredibly thankful to have found Bryan and Myomuv after some nagging knee pain I kept trying to pretend didn’t exist. He invests time and energy into your issues and creates an adaptable, easy to follow program to help you get back to sport. Arguably more important, he empowers and educates you along the way leaving you more equipped to handle any future bumps in the road.

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