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Bryan Keith

All Things Hip Flexion

Hip Flexors are important for many reasons but two I want to focus in on are how they: Control position of the pelvis Control position of the femur Limitations or dysfunction with hip flexion AND muscles that produce hip flexion can lead Hip Pinching Snapping Hip Iliopsoas Bursitis Iliopsoas Tendinopathy Nonspecific Anterior Hip Pain Bony …

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Physio Version 2.0

What is a physical therapist(PT)? The simplest way to answer that question is that physical therapist promote pain-free and efficient movement. PT’s work by forming strategic partnerships with YOU to manage your condition through education, empowerment, and evidence based interventions. PT is the perfect blend of art and science that continues to explore the relationship …

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Repurposing the warm up

UNLOCKING YOUR POTENTIAL BEGINS WITH PREPARATION Let me begin by saying this. Movement preparation trumps every other movement parameter: variability, intensity, frequency, and more. Movement, by nature, is inherently good for the body, but it’s the movements you are NOT prepared for that could result in possible injury or pain. Whether that be prepared for: …

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Unorthodox Movement

“…traditional injury prevention strategy of avoiding ‘dangerous’ exercises and excessive loads is inadequate as one is bound to end up in a ‘dangerous’ position sooner or later…” — Pavel Tsatsouline Would you say that being more ready for your activity and sport as well as life’s unpredictability is a good thing? I think we all …

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