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Movement Specialist

What do you do when you’re on top of the world. Life seems to be going as good as it can be. Work is busy but you are stable. You are finding balance between your occupation and personal life. Your family is healthy and you have community surrounding you. Training, whether that is at the local crossfit box, cycle center, gym, or track; is your outlet. You love that feeling of putting in some sweat equity and detaching yourself from all of the other roles and demands life has in store for you. Your goals are within reach and you have devoted SO much time, dedication, and discipline to being able to reach them.

At your next training session you notice some unusual pain in your left hip. So much so that it actually stops you from the normal intensity you would train at. You decide to tone it back and head to the house. The next morning you wake up and the pain seems to be worse. Now it hurts just to go down the stairs into the kitchen. At work as you sit all day it becomes very discomforting and your hip just feels tense and stiff. You try to go through your warm-up but the pain becomes worse when you load the hip.

Before you know it two weeks have passed with no change or resolution. You have tried google, youtube, instagram, and spoke with friends who maybe have had similar issues. Without that outlet you notice you are more anxious, more stressed, and your eating habits have changed. You have lost community because you can’t go the Saturday morning workout with your group. Your goals are moving further away from you. It’s all connected. Your physical health will always impact your social and emotional health.

The very last thing you want or need in your life is a movement limitation: ache, pain, or injury. They all LIMIT you. It can happen to anyone at anytime, yes, even world class professional athletes.

Our role is to be the movement specialist that helps you navigate that injury timeline as seamless as possible. Our job is to help you unlock the maximum potential from your body. We ensure that you can perform at your highest capacity on the field, in your job, or with your friends without any difficulties, while reducing your risk of injury as much as possible in the process. Not only do we answer these questions:

1) What is causing my pain?

2) Why did I get injured?

3) How do I make sure this doesn’t come back?

4) How soon should I start training again?

5) What are good and bad movements for me?

6) How do I better track my training and intensity for programming?

7) When should I take a rest day?

8) What is the difference in pain and soreness and how do I better regulate my symptoms?

9) What are some of the warning signs that I should have pain attention to leading up to this?

10) What does my body need and how do I give it that?

But we also guide you step by step from beginning to end. Sure maybe I could remodel my bathroom in my house if I watch enough videos and have enough time to do it. I also need to account for the extra funds needed in the event I have to redo some huge mistake I make. With physical therapy it is no different. As EXPERT movement specialist we make that process simpler for you. The knowledge and education you will gain during the process is a lifetime investment that you will be able to use for the rest of your movement journey.

I’m sure you have heard different thoughts and maybe even experienced different forms of treatment. So let me explain the roots of what we do and why we call ourselves movement specialist.

If you have heart issues you don’t see a general MD, you see a heart specialist. If you have allergies you don’t see just any MD, you see an allergy specialist. If you are having neurological impairments, you don’t see any regular MD, you see a neuro specialist. If you are having movement related issues… you get the idea.

Myomuv combines our knowledge of human movement, sport science, medicine, biomechanics, and strength and conditioning to enable our clients to get back to the activities they love! Our proven approach incorporates primitive movement patterns to assess and analyze. We want to understand why you move the way you move and how you are accomplishing these patterns. From breathing, squatting, hinging, pushing, pulling, carrying, lunging, and beyond.

Movement is a very dynamic system. Understanding this system helps us look at each link of the chain, from beginning to end, giving us a better picture of how each piece of your body works to keep you performing.

Whatever movement problem you may have, we have the solution:

  1. Looking to prehab your movement system and see what areas need to be addressed?
  2. Dealing with a chronic ache that doesn’t necessarily prevent you from moving but it just lingers?
  3. Recent flare up of an old injury and you are concerned its going to get worse?
  4. Injured and no idea what your next steps are.. medical doctor, MRI, chiropractor, PT?

At the end of the day our goal is simply to meet you right were you are at, provide clarity and hope, and create an individualized game plan to get you from pain to performance and back to your activity. Navigating the uncertainty, fear, and misinformation is complex so we make the complex, simpler. We will be right there with you every step of the way. Addressing your goals, hopes, concerns, desires, and agenda.

We will never put a box around your movement!



Dr. Bryan Keith

Myomuv PT

We help active adults and athletes return to the activities they love without pain, without taking time off, and feeling more confident and capable than ever before.