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Pickleball Physical Therapy for Players In The Upstate Area

Pickleball PT in Greenville and Easley, SC

I bet you’re tired of other healthcare providers telling you to “stop playing pickleball” because you love the sport and you’re beginning to wonder if this is something you’re just going to have to “live with” for the rest of your life..


If you’re interested in taking your pickleball game to the next level then our Four Step Pickleball Performance Assessment and Program is for you! 

The program consists of a comprehensive assessment and multiple options of follow up sessions that align with your problem and your dream goal! Each option is focused on addressing any physical limitations you might be suffering from. These limitations are typically noted in regards to strength, range of motion, flexibility, joint mobility, balance, agility, coordination, endurance and awareness. Upon completion of your assessment, our expert pickleball therapist will recommend the option which he feels would be best to meet your specific needs to help you get out of pain, solve the root cause, and maximize your pickleball performance for life!

Are you unable to play pickleball because of an injury?

Would you like to know how to get back on the court without causing the injury to get worse?

Have you tried rest, over the counter medicine, pain killers, muscle relaxers, injections or even surgery for certain issues without the results you want and need?

Have you received physical therapy in the past but weren't happy with the results and/or experience?

Does the idea of having to give up pickleball forever due to an injury you're dealing with or could have prevented bother you?

Would properly fixing your injury or preventing you from suffering any injuries bring value to your life?

Does this sound familiar?

Your knee always aches after playing multiple games in a tournament or the weekend gathering with your playing buddies!
-That annoying foot pain keeps acting up with side-to-side movements in the kitchen and is limiting your ability to be as mobile as you’d like.

-You’re tired of resting it and not being able to be as competitive as you'd like because your body keeps letting you down!

-Your low back and hips always feels stiff and tired after multiple hours of play because you can’t keep a bent, ready athletic position while playing.

-These nagging aches and injuries keep occurring and coming back after working with providers who promised you a solution again and again.

Ready to get back on the court with less pain and more athleticism!

If you want an individualized roadmap to get back to playing pickleball faster, without any PAIN, STIFFNESS, or LIMITATIONS.

Schedule a call and talk to a pickleball injury expert from our team today!

Once you complete our assessment you can look forward to feeling better, playing better and playing for longer as your body will be functioning at a level that reduces the effects of wear and tear that pickleball has on it. If you'd like to learn more, just click the button below!