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What Inspires You?

I have a confession.

In 2022 I didn’t practice what I preach.

It was easily my worst fitness, exercise, health year of my life.


I focused on my business and helping others.

My business goals preceded my personal goals.

I was in a mental and emotional rut. I was not healthy in these areas.

But I don’t really see it as failure because at the start of the year I never set any personal goals related to fitness.

Gain 10 pounds.

Improve squat 3RM.

New row PR.

None of those things.

It was an opportunity to see what systems and processes I have in my life. You’re only as good as the ecosystem that you live in. As much as we want fulfillment to be tangible, it’s anything but that. The goals won’t and will never sustain or satisfy. The shiny new car won’t fulfill you. The new house won’t fulfill you. But…. the journey can lead to new learnings, stories, memories, purpose, and relationships that do provide that fulfillment.

But back to the scope of this.

Ultimately, those are still all excuses (the focusing on business points a few lines up). I know I need to be the healthiest version of myself so I have as much as possible to pour into others within the scope of what I do. Which by the way is: helping you go from pain to performance without injections, medications, surgeries, and unnecessary treatments. Empowering and educating you each step of the way to be the authority of your muvment health. I’ve got the elevator pitch pretty well perfected at this point.

I lacked discipline.

I lacked motivation.

I was burnt out from being in that environment all day.

I was lazy with my health and goals.

I feel into patterns of restrictive dieting followed by periods of binging.

That’s the truth.

When life happens, what is the first thing to go? What behaviors do we have to fall back on? It gets hard to hold ourselves accountable. Which is why part of using a coach or a physical therapy is so valuable beyond the services they provide. We all need accountability. Healthy accountability at least. Sometimes you are too close to the situation to have any impact. Have you ever tried to give your parents advice? Sometimes it’s not received because of the dynamics. Same for when they give you advice…. wisdom I mean.

This is just me sharing and showing my humanity. Even though I have all the data, doctorate level of training, spend 8-12 hours daily helping others navigate their own health journey; I too can fall victim to humanity.

I share that to be real.

To be vulnerable.

So I want to talk about people that inspired me in 2022. People that left their mark. There are others of course in my own personal life, but this is about the world I am in. The world Myomuv is in.

Nancy Pearson



Nancy is a fitness trainer and yoga instructor. I first met her this year after she joined Trifit Barbell, but had briefly had a few social media interactions before. She is as dedicated as they come in taking care of her body and pushing the limits of performance. I have seen her transform her body from afar. She is strong! She also attended a workshop I was apart of and wanted to attend another. She is curious and has a willingness to learn so she can better serve her clients. I have zero hesitations sending her any one of my clients know they will be in great hands. So give her a follow! Nancy inspired me with her incredible work ethic and discipline.

Chad Delaney



I’ve known Chad before this year. He is the co-owner of the space I operate Myomuv out of. We’ve hosted workshops together. He has been my coach. I’ve shared this space and field with him. We’ve done podcasts. He is my ally, my friend, my brother. Chad also transformed his body this year to step on stage (he won) for a bodybuiding comp. He also competed in a few powerlifting competitions and set some PRs. One of the most dedicated and disciplined people I have ever met. I’ve also watched him transform his business and coaching to provide his clients with exceptional powerlifting programming/coaching/service. Chad is someone I want in my corner. He elevates the space. Chad Inspired me with his pursuit of excellence, his fear of complacency and comfort, and comitment to where he wants to be.

Jakob Davis



Jakob is a content creator, exercise physiologist, nutritional scientist, and creator/owner of The Nutrition Store. Jakob goes above and beyond to build his brand and create the culture he sees TNS evolving into and disrupting the supplement and fitness space. He is as devoted to science and educating the masses as I like to think I am. Collaborating with Jakob on several projects and having the opportunity to podcast with him opened my eyes to his thought process. An endless thinker and dreamer. Jakob inspired me with ability to serve, connect, and develop relationships.

Melissa Odorisio


Melissa is a local provider practicing as a Physical Assistant. She is a competitive weightlifter as well. I’ve had the opportunity to be apart of her health/fitness journey in helping her overcome some aches and pains associated with the stress she endures with her sport. I see her and some other MD’s at her practice for my healthcare. Melissa has a deep desire to positively impact the earth with kindness and care. She cares for the land and respects her role in climate change. She’s one of those people that not a single person could say something negative about. She works out in her garage every morning before work around 430am. I don’t have to say anything else about her drive and dedication. Melissa inspired me in more ways than one, on all fronts.

Joe Abrahams


If you have spent time around Trifit Barbell you know his face. Typically here bright and early having the heaters already turned on for us this time of year. I’ve had a lot of excellent discussions before the sun comes up with him on life and on business. Like me, Joe is a dreamer. He beliefs in hard work. He believes in doing right by others. He believes in his fashion and what he wants tomorrow to look like. He is an OG to say the least. Joe has endurance. He has perseverance. He has grit. Joe inspired me.

Dustin Fleming



Recently sponsored athlete and featured with BPN-Bare Performance Nutrition. Retired marine. Dad. Forever friend. Teammate. Dustin and his wife endured this year. I won’t go into their details but it will forever change him. He found part of his healing journey in fitness and inspiring others. He started hosting neighbors in his garage gym for workouts on weekends. He started sharing more of his journey and struggle online (part of the positives with social media). His faith was challenged. His purpose was challenged. But his unwavering pursuit did not. I’m proud of him. All the way down in Texas, he inspired me.

Alex Adkins and Daniel England



Alex is currently in PA school. He is also about to get married at the start of the new year. Despite his busy curriculum he still managed to coach Crossfit classes, work at lululemon, navigate his long distance engagement, involve himself with local groups/communities, and still workout. Alex has always had a relentless drive to grow and adapt. Work out at 4am. Work 6 hours online while studying and reading. Lead classes. I’m not sure how he does it all. And don’t think he is busy for busy sake. He is accomplishing these things without losing focus or sight of the big picture. Alex inspired me.

Daniel is over 2/3 finished with his pursuit of becoming a Doctor of Physical Therapy. He lived with me for about 6 weeks for a rotation here in Greenville. Daniel trained and ran a marathon this year and nearly crossed the sub-3 hour time. For those at home thats about a 6:50 pace per mile. Not many can run one mile at that pace. Daniel is as humble as they come with his accomplishments. Every morning I’d hear him walk out the door long before the sun came up to go get his miles in prior to his long days as a student PT in the clinic. After work he then would show up at the gym and put his time in there. Hopefully we get to see a lot more of Daniel in the future 🙂 Daniel inspired me.

Patient B

Patient B was one of the very first patient’s I ever had when starting my cash practice side hustle in 2018. Back before the rebrand. Patient B had several neck surgeries and was dealing with fear, uncertainty, pain, and continued limitation. Patient B has four children. Patient B works a full time job. They not only are one the best people I have ever met but an incredible parent. They continue to pursue a greater level of health, strength, and understanding of their bodies’ limits/needs/adaptability. They inspire me with their selfless service to the family, the children, and to the athletic lifestyle free of limitations. The road has not been easy.

Patient X

For the sake of protecting their identity, we will call them X. X had been dealt a difficult hand several years ago when he suddenly lost the ability to walk after a sudden spinal cord injury. He had a long and lustrous career in the music industry. A professor, symphony conductor, husband, father, friend…patient. His attitude inspires me. His will inspired me. His positivity inspired me. I teach X about movement, strength, and muscles… he teaches me about life. It really isn’t a fair trade-off. Sometimes I feel like I should be paying X to come see me because I get more out of it. Patient X is someone I am beyond grateful I have the opportunity to work with. They inspired me.

Patient Y

Again for the sake of protecting their identity, we will call them Y. Y had dealt with a major ACL reconstruction. Their rehab was not going well as they continued to have major pain and limitations months after the surgery. They didn’t give up hope they just found a different plan. They adapted. They put their nose to the grindstone and worked. Now they are running, jumping, skiing, playing volleyball (hahahaha), without fear or limitations. This was all credit to their relentless spirit and attitude. Y is one of the most joyful people I have ever known. I am thankful for them. They inspired me.

Patient Z

Again for the sake of protecting their identity, we will call them Z. Z is one of those people you just can’t forget. I first met them after they had a skiing accident that resulted in a shoulder injury. This was actually last year. He enjoyed the process so much he stayed on working with us for some other chronic issues he was having with his hips and lower back. We also write his monthly programming. Over the last year he has shared personal accounts of his earlier life: raising a child alone after their spouse passed away. Before retirement they found success in business and life; in which they frequently share those stories with me. They have been a loyal supporter and believer in Myomuv and I’m always grateful for it. Their pursuit of aging gracefully and learning about their health/body in inspiring. A true constant student of life who shares many of my beliefs and philosophies. A patient. A friend. They inspired me.

You may ask why I share some personal stories for each of these patients. It’s because when we treat a condition; we are treating more than knee pain, shoulder pain, a medical diagnosis. We are treating a human. No more or less immune to the human condition than me or you.

So all of that to say. 2023 will be better. Better because all of these amazing people inspired me. Relationships matter. Have people in your corner that hold you accountable. Do not surround yourself with YES MEN and YES WOMEN. Challenge your behaviors. Reflect. Journal. Have some introspection from time to time. Perform self-audits. Look around you. Theres’s always joy, inspiration, and hope floating around. You just have to turn the light on to see it. (I stole that from Albus).

If we have the opportunity to be apart of your 2023 story; we will collaborate. We will bring value. We will grow together. And hopefully we use all of this inspiration received to pour back into you.

Someone asked me what I do.

I didn’t say physical therapist.

I said

I help people write their story.

I am a story teller.

So your story doesn’t have to be.



Poor health.


Let’s pick up the pen and start writing.

Bryan Keith


Dr. Bryan Keith

Myomuv PT

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