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Community Events In The Upstate

Part of what makes us unique is how we form our relationships in the community. Local gyms, crossfit boxes, fitness studios, climbing gyms, yoga studies, nutrition stores, and more!  As performance physical therapists we prioritize opportunities to educate and empower the community on the most efficient methods to move better, feel better, and perform better in their craft. 


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Upcoming Events

October 12

Resilient Runner Workshop with Run In Simpsonville

October 22

Pelvic Floor Workshop at Crossfit Prevail

October 24

Deskbound at Venture X Workspace

Workshops Hosted In The Past

Crossfit Potentia: The Lat Muscle, Low Back Pain with Deadlifts, Squat Mobility

Crossfit SVL: Preparing for the Open, Ankle Mobility

B3 Strength and Performance: Understanding the Pelvis, Foot Strength

Trifit Barbell: Breathing and Bracing, Hinging, Squat Overhaul, HR variability

GVL Weightlifting: The Overhead Position

Greenville Running Co: The Runner’s Knee and The Runner’s Foot

Ringo, Real Estate Agencies, Marketing Agencies: Deskbound Strategies to Stay Mobile and Athletic 

Soul Yoga: Improving Your Flow with Isometrics and Efficient Movement 

Madabolic: The Hip Workshop

Run In: The Resilient Runner

Crossfit Prevail: Pelvic Floor, Core, and More!