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Shoulder Pain

Is Shoulder Pain Preventing You From Maintaining an Active Lifestyle and Causing Frustration?

Physical therapy at Myomuv can be the ideal solution for you if you feel frustrated by shoulder pain constantly hindering your active lifestyle.

There's no need for you to compromise the lifestyle you enjoy due to issues that our team can assist you in resolving!

If you relate to these experiences, no need to worry – you’ve come to the right place! We are delighted that you’re here, and we’re prepared to assist you. We realize how exasperating it can be to manage shoulder pain.

Since the onset of pain, you may not have felt like yourself. This is because you’ve had to suspend certain aspects of your life that you cherish, such as exercise, sports, or just keeping up with your children or grandchildren. Shoulder pain shouldn’t prevent you from fully engaging in life.

As the pain persists, you may feel increasingly disheartened. You may wonder, “Will I always feel this way? Will I have to cope with this for the rest of my life?”

The answer is no – there are solutions to your shoulder pain that can enable you to resume living life on your terms, despite what you may believe or have been informed in the past.

Physical therapy for shoulder pain at Myomuv is one of those solutions.

Regarding Shoulder Pain…

Finding a provider who has expertise in addressing your specific shoulder pain issue and knows how to identify the underlying cause to offer a resolution is critical. Without it, you run the risk of squandering your time and money, and potentially worsening the problem – which is undoubtedly not what you want!

You’re weary of restricting yourself. Resting your shoulder while the rest of the world continues without you is not what you desire. The pain has made you feel detached from your life.

Living like this is not acceptable!

You may believe that no viable solution exists for you – but we’re here to prove you wrong.

We’re willing to bet that before discovering Myomuv as a remedy for your shoulder pain, you’ve attempted various methods to alleviate the pain that didn’t quite work out.

Perhaps You’ve Tried…

In Reality…

You might be wondering, “If I’ve attempted all of these approaches and nothing seems to be effective, does this imply that I’m a hopeless case?”

The response is no.

Instead, this means that you could find relief through physical therapy treatment at Myomuv.

We make good on our promise to identify the root cause of your shoulder pain problem and develop a customized treatment plan that works best for you.


You no longer have to face disappointment, false promises, or failed attempts in finding relief for your shoulder pain.

At Myomuv, we aim to help you return to your active lifestyle without any limitations or restrictions.

What Sets Myomuv Apart From Others?

After being informed about the most effective treatment for your shoulder pain, you may be wondering:

You may be questioning why Myomuv is the optimal solution for alleviating your shoulder pain, and whether it offers long-term benefits and the desired outcomes.

The answer is: yes.

Myomuv is committed to ensuring that your physical therapy experience with us is valuable and worthwhile.

Other treatments typically involve providing you with a few exercises or stretches to perform independently and then sending you on your way, but this is not the case at Myomuv.

Our approach at Myomuv involves working in collaboration with you. We are driven by our dedication to assisting our patients in achieving the ultimate objective of alleviating their shoulder pain.

Upon conducting an analysis of your condition and discussing your medical history, we develop a customized treatment plan that is specifically designed for you and your shoulder pain. We recognize that shoulder pain is unique to each individual, and therefore, a “one size fits all” approach is not effective. This is precisely why our personalized treatment plans are the ideal choice for you and your shoulder pain.

We embark on a joint journey toward healing your shoulder pain and providing you with the relief you have been relentlessly seeking.

Rest assured that with us, you will discover the relief you have been seeking. This will enable you to resume…

  • Exercising at the intensity you desire.
  • Enjoying restful sleep at night and having sufficient energy to be productive throughout the day.
  • Keeping up with your children, grandchildren, and daily activities without the fear of exacerbating your shoulder pain, as you will have the expertise from us on how to prevent its recurrence.

We value your objectives, and our collaboration will aim to alleviate your discomfort and assist you in resuming the active lifestyle you enjoy.

If you are interested in discovering more about how Myomuv can aid you in decreasing your shoulder pain and regaining your zest for life, please inquire about our availability by contacting us TODAY!

Do not continue to endure shoulder pain and miss out on the joys of life when there are solutions available to you.

What Other People Just Like You Are Saying About Myomuv Physical Therapy in Mauldin, SC

165+ 5-Star Reviews

- F M.


I was referred to Brian after suffering my second bout of frozen shoulder. I had gone to PT at another place, had gotten a cortisone shot, and tried massage. Nothing was working and the pain was getting worse. The pain was so bad I couldn’t put my left hand behind my back or sleep on my left side. It was affecting my quality of life. At the first conversation with Brian he assured me in a way that made me take a chance. Fast forward months later, having avoided surgery, and gaining my mobility back I am soo glad I made this decision. I highly recommend Myomuv!

- Frank D.


I had my first session with Bryan this past Tuesday. It was needed as a few muscles in my leg had gone haywire from overtraining. My background is in professional running so I’ve worked with plenty of physical therapists throughout the years. I was particularly impressed with Bryan’s comprehensive approach to seeking out imbalances in my body and educating me on how to fix them. I highly recommend Bryan to any athlete hoping to improve/maximize their training.

- Zac L.

Bryan provided high quality therapy with every encounter that I have had with him. It is his attention to details and ability to truly understand your problems that makes him superior in the healthcare world. A big plus with going here is that you will get legitimate programming that helps alleviate your issues and help you stay fit and performing at your highest.

A 5 star rating doesn’t do him justice. Check this practice out and see for yourself, you will not be disappointed.