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Why Myomuv Physical Therapy?

Myomuv is designed to address YOU(r) condition by blending rehab with performance. A comprehensive approach integrating the right balance of strength and conditioning, movement variability, and rehab; to not only fully restore pain free function but to also optimize performance.We get you out of pain and keep it that way!

Myomuv doesn’t put a box around your movement. Our aim is make you more capable than ever before. At Myomuv, we understand that every single person’s pain is unique, which is why our first step is to get a deep understanding of what is happening to your body, and how it is effecting your life so we can create a plan that focuses on YOU and your goals.

The Myomuv Difference

If you’re reading this, you’re interested in working with us, but not quite sure about us being “out-of-network” or “direct-pay”.

Let Me Explain Just A Few Things To Help You Make A Confident Decision:

You may have said or thought these types of things:

  • “I would prefer to use my insurance benefits for PT.”
  • “That seems like a lot of money.”

It’s totally normal for you to feel this way. The current healthcare landscape for active-adults and athletes is changing drastically. As insurance companies continue to reduce payment to PTs the quality of care that patients are receiving is being reduced. Co-pays are also at all-time highs and continue to increase.

This Isn't Just Bad For Patients, But For Therapist Too!

Many PTs are leaving their jobs in search for healthier and more sustainable work environments. Most of these PTs are looking for “out-of-network” private practices (like mine!) to work for.

We believe you can achieve anything through the right medical care, movement practice, and lifestyle changes. To accomplish all this, we are big on bringing it back to basics. Our current medical environment is quick to tell us that we are broken and can only be fixed by pills, shots or surgery. Myomuv is here to show you that there is another way. Your body has the amazing ability to heal itself, to adapt and to survive in any environment. We just need to get out of our own way.

The path back to our healthiest self is not through canned approaches and outdated methods, such as ice packs, therabands, and stationary bikes. This one-dimensional strategy is rampant in traditional, third-party-pay physical therapy practices – you’ll soon see our tactics are delightfully different! Myomuv is a private-pay physical therapy & performance practice. Let’s shed some light on what private-pay physical therapy is and how this method will likely save you time, money and resources, while also helping you achieve your desired results. True story.

Lets Compare


  • 1-on-1 Care
  • 60 minutes with Therapist
  • 100% of Care Provided by Doctor of Physical Therapy
  • Same PT Every Session (Trust/Rapport)
  • # of visits per week
  • Resources to Equip you with more fitness/health
  • Physical Therapist that “Walks the Talk”
  • Full Access to PT with Daily Communication
  • Wholistic and Evidence Based Approach
  • Cost Transparency
  • No surprise bills weeks later
  • No Co-Pays
  • Video Home Exercise Plan and APP

Traditional PT

  • 1 on 3 Care
  • 15 minutes with Therapist, 45 with support staff
  • Care provided by techs, assistants
  • Multiple PTs based on their availability
  • 2-3 visits per week
  • Office with tables, modalities, stationary machines
  • Physical Therapist may not be performance driven
  • Only Accessible During The Session
  • Pain Based and Sick Care
  • Cost Varies Based on Multiple Factors out of your control
  • Insurance covered percentage, you cover rest
  • Co-Pays
  • Generic Exercise Print Out

Let’s Use A Case Example To See How Two Different Types of Care Play Out..


At the end of 6-months, Mike has spent $225 less than his buddy Tim. Although both men were recovering from similar injuries, Mike invests less than a third of the time (10.6 vs. 32 hours) for a fuller recovery that got him back to the lifestyle he loved sooner. This outcome also doesn’t account for the intangibles around enjoying a dynamic, individualized care plan and relationship built with his Myomuv PT.

Which path will you choose to get back to your peak performance?

I Want to Call My Insurance to See if I Have Any Out-Of-Network Benefits

When people hear that we’re “out-of-network” they usually want to call their insurance to see what benefits they have… as they should! But we have some advice for you if you’re thinking this.

If you’re going to do some investigation regarding your PT benefits, you might as well get the FULL PICTURE.

People usually just ask… “Do I have any out-of-network benefits?” And if the answer is “no”, or “only after $X,XXX deductible is met”, they then immediately think, “well I guess I’ll stay in-network”… but this person still has no clue how much the “in-network route” will cost them, or what the value comparison is.

So, please take advantage of the two checklists below to make sure you have all of the information you need to make the best decision for yourself. Knowledge is power, right?



This can be a totally sensible thing to think about and want to do. We just want to make sure that you fully understand the difference in cost and quality care that you’ll be receiving. Sometimes going in-network is just as expensive or more, and for a lesser experience and results.

So we highly encourage you to use the checklist below when calling around to get the facts straight about your PT options!


Are you ready to start your journey?

What Other People Just Like You Are Saying About Myomuv Physical Therapy in Mauldin, SC

165+ 5-Star Reviews

- Drew M.

I have a minimal tear in my meniscus and after talking to a surgeon who talked like an auctioneer/used car salesman, I elected to pursue physical therapy as a better long term solution. Bryan is incredibly knowledgeable and experienced. My knee pain is almost nondetectable now and I am gaining more supportive strength with each week of training. I highly recommend Brian at MYOMUV for any and all physical therapy needs!

- Mamie.


I’ve had an overwhelmingly positive so far with Bryan. He’s proven to be intelligent in his field—in many fields—and subsequently helpful in utilizing techniques and practices to improve my back health. He’s particularly talented in finding language to explain the goings on physiologically and also the terms to describe exercises and stretches. Equally important: He’s nice. And humble. And never speaks over the heads of clients.

- Anthony R.

This place has totally changed my life. As a retired professional athlete with multiple past injuries, I suffered with limited range of motion and lack of mobility. Bryan developed a program specifically for my issues that focused on load management and resistance training. I’m not the same person I was when I first walked into his office. I’ve been around a lot of expert therapist. Bryan by far is the top on that list.