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Shoulder Pain Easley SC

Improve Your Shoulder Pain and Performance With These Exercises!

Discover effective strategies to alleviate shoulder pain and regain mobility with our comprehensive shoulder pain blog. From understanding common causes to exploring proven treatments and exercises, empower yourself to take control of your shoulder health. Don’t let discomfort limit your lifestyle any longer – delve into expert insights and actionable tips today!”

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Easley, SC low back pain physical therapy

Unlock Your Low Back Stiffness

Legs and low back feeling tight with lifts? Try these motions out as a primer to your lift as a way to free up some mobility and take your movements to the next level.

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Pain Treatment in Mauldin, SC

Your Pain is Your Pain.

Pain is unique to you. What you need is not what someone else needs. Physical therapy for pain involves created a custom game plan to address your lifestyle, strength, mobility, past history, and goals.

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Stress Incontinence pelvic floor physical therapy near me

Stress Incontinence: Is it normal?

There Are Many Reasons Why Stress Incontinence And Other Issues Around The Pelvic Floor May Occur. It Can Be Very Frustrating And Even Embarrassing For Some. It Can Make Your Life Difficult And Even Prevent You From Enjoying The Things You Love.

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Four SIMPLE Tips To Improve Your Running

Runners often find themselves hitting a plateau. They see minimal to no progress even though they have been running for months, years even. These tips are so simple but they are so effective to help you overcome that 5K, 10K, half marathon or full marathon time you can’t seem to reach. Running has a lower barrier to entry. It’s made for everyone of all ages, all body types, all fitness levels, skill levels, and purposes. We can run for health. We can run for performance. We can run for recreation. We can run from something or run towards something.

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Hip Health: The Conductor of The Harmonious Orchestra

We understand the toll that persistent hip and low back pain can take on your everyday life. Our passion as physical therapists lies in helping people return to meaningful activities. To see the people we work with go from pain and debility to crushing workouts and playing with their kids. That starts with hip health!

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Healthy Hooper Ankles

In a 2010 study that looked at every injury sustained in the NBA over 17 years. The most common injury was lateral ankle sprains at

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