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We build our culture with

  • Courage
    • Do the difficult things: challenges are opportunities
    • Pursue the winning edge
    • Give fearless effort
  • Love
    • Talk to people.. not about them
    • Be of service, selfless service
    • Give credit, praise, compliment
  • Resilience
    • Sustain when faced with adversity
    • Try again (but try better)
    • Learn and Grow (what went wrong)

Our Operating Principles

1 / curiosity>passion.

2/ better together.

3/ perfect action >perfect results.

4/ if not you, then who?

5/ energy givers only. Energy takers won’t be tolerated.

6/ if it’s easy you’re doing it wrong.

7/ the Superior self is on the other side of the pursuit.

8/ brand. You. Patient. In that order.

9/ educate to empower.

10/ we are on offense, always.

11/ Be outside the box.

Our Core Values

Put Your Boots On: We value putting in the necessary work with a blue-collar mentality and approach to our craft. Energy is attracted to energy. Action trumps anxiousness. 

Control the Controllable’s: We value the ability to maintain focus on the things that you can control each day. 

  1. Attitude
  2. Effort 
  3. Enthusiasm 

Respect: We value having humility and caring enough about things other than ourselves, that we act intentionally to impact them each and every day. 

  1. Our Team 
  2. Our Facility 
  3. Our Role
Be On Time: Being punctual and respecting someone else’s time is necessary. Time is a finite resource and if we don’t value that; we may not place a high value on other areas as well.