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Unlock Your Low Back Stiffness

Easley, SC low back pain physical therapy

Legs and low back feeling tight with lifts? Try these motions out as a primer to your lift as a way to free up some mobility and take your movements to the next level. 

Side Lying lumbar rotation

It may seem counterintuitive to try to get more sagittal plane movement (flexion/extension) with a transverse movement but sometimes a little unloading (or loading in a different position) is just what the back needs prior to a workout. Lock the top leg down, then think of pulling the top shoulder back towards the ground behind you, try to time your breathing so that you exhale as you rotate away.


If you take anything away from this post PLEASE TRY THIS! I had a clinical instructor teach me this years ago, little did I know this obscure mobility prescription was a little known golden nugget in the PT community. Recouping is essentially a way to build loading tolerance for your nerves. Ever had an ache or a tight sensation you just cant kick? Well i’d be willing to bet that was just your nervous system crying out for some loading. Give this routine a try, I use this prior to every lower body lift day!

Jefferson Curl/Reverse Jefferson Curl

This one may seem intimidating for those strict about their deadlift form however it’s a great way to free up the low back/lower extremity and has the added advantage of building some tissue tolerance in case you have a bad lift.  To perform a Jefferson curl, imagine rounding your spine one segment at a time until you reach end range, then reverse the movement with the same intentions. I recommend starting with a PVC and working up to a weighted load.

“Low back pain is a multifaceted and intricate condition that defies simplistic categorization. Its origins can be rooted in a myriad of factors, including biomechanical, neurological, psychological, and even socio-economic influences. The interplay between these factors often renders diagnosis and treatment challenging, requiring a comprehensive and holistic approach. 

Recognizing the complexity of low back pain is crucial in developing effective strategies for prevention, management, and rehabilitation that address its multifactorial nature and accommodate the diverse needs of those affected. We get people moving with low back pain. We have a 95% success rate, long term; with our proven process for low back pain! If you want some information on our process and our three biggest things we see in those with low back pain, click the button below to chat with me; Dr. Johnson. 


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