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Why The Best Pain Solutions are Process Driven and not Symptom Driven

Physical Therapy in Powdersville and Easley, SC.
Physical Therapy Process to get out of pain

Why you need a physical therapy team that uses a process driven approach to pain or a muvment problem is important to understand. In order to find a solution for something you need to buy into thinking that its the right solution. Before we begin let me ask you a few questions. I want you to count how many times you say “yes”.

  • Have you ever had the same pain in the same location twice?
  • Were you dependent on someone else to solve your pain?
  • Was it unclear why this pain was there in the first place?
  • Were most of the interventions done to you as opposed to you doing them?
  • Were you always anxious and lacking in confidence that you could perform (where it matters most to you) without feeling that pain or symptom?

We follow a proven process with all of our clients here at Myomuv.





 This process allows us to adequately account for the many factors that play into the problems you are or may be experiencing and establish real expectations that provide you with a real solution. Not something we just blindly throw darts at and hope they stick and then say “ahhhh-haaaa”.

This process allows YOU to play offense because you have a direct role in your outcomes. This is empowering. Now if you find yourself saying, “I don’t really care what the process is and what treatments are applied; as long as my pain goes away…. I am fine.” 

And this is 100% how you should be thinking.

However, we know that a lot of musculoskeletal aches/pains and muvment problems do have a direct correlation to other factors; and we we have control over those factors. We can change those factors. Creating lasting relief and solutions. 

-Lifestyle and Social Factors


-Muvment Patterns


-Muvment Cordination


And beyond. 

So let’s discuss our process.

Most people present to us with a muvment problem accompanied by a negative symptom: pain, injury, tightness, ache. This isn’t the real problem, it’s just the messenger of the problem. Pain has a purpose; to protect. To warn. To signal. We need to properly interpret that signal. 

If the alarm in your house was going off; you wouldn’t just wake up and turn it off without first looking to see if any suspicious activity is happening or has already happened. 

We need to figure out what could be causing this pain


-lifestyle factors



-mobility restrictions 

-poor movement pattern

-lack of motor control


But, pain changes how you move. It creates compensations. It wants to protect, as it should. And it decreases your threshold and capacity to be loaded in a way that will create changes in your muvment. The changes you are really looking for. Like more strength. A bigger muscle. More skilled movement. More range of motion. A more powerful muscle. 

We can’t get strong if pain keeps us from loading big enough to get strong.

We can’t get more mobile if pain won’t allow us to even get into a position, so how can we go further?

We can’t improve our motor control if pain is commanding the brain to do things “this way” instead of the right way. 

You get my point. 

Once we have a good understanding of pain and calm it down we can begin working more into our PRIME phase.

This is all about solving the root cause of the pain. 

Most people think that even if the symptom is resolved they are good to go. 

But they still have an under-optimzied muvment sytem. They don’t have enough tools in the toolbox to solve the muvment problem their favorite activity throws at them. 

You need more strength or tissue capacity. 

You need more mobility so you can get to end range without sensitivity. 

You need more motor control so that area doesn’t get so over-worked.

You need a better pattern so you load the right muscles at the right tension.

Once we have developed these key qualities you need to be successful we start building.

This is when we transition people into our performance phase. 

Which is where most people want to be. 

If we skip the PRIME phase, we still have poor muvment or a poor framework that contributed to why the problem started in the first place. 

If we don’t build our capacity and tolerance in the performance phase; we don’t have enough chronic workload to develop fitness or adaption. 

We need to be spend time here, together. 

Exposing you to:







That you will see with your favorite activity. 

This is the whole concept of rehab is training. And training is rehab. 

If we fall back into the same patterns and approaches that we had before, we get pushed right back into phase 1: pain. 

We have a long term vision. 

Once we have performed here for the appropriate amount of time; which will vary from one person to another; we move into our final phase, the prevention.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. 

Now that we have PERFORMED with your new qualities  we worked on in the PRIME phase to get you out of PAIN; it’s time to make sure you don’t end up back in our office again for the same thing.

We give you the tools and framework to continue your long term success.

We educate you and guide you on an abundance of areas:

-sleep hygiene

-nutritional recommendations 

-proper recovery strategies that are evidence supported

-proper individualized warm-up or daily routine

-how to interpret soreness, discomfort, and pain.

Do you want to leave your muvment goals for 2024, and even more importantly your health; to chance? Do you want someone else to be in control of your symptoms? Your progress? Your goals? 

You want the ball in your hand. 

Our process keeps it there. 

So that way when you feel great…

You get to keep it that way with tools, knowledge, and confidence.


So what are you waiting for?

We are 12 days into the new year. 

Start tomorrow? 

Maybe the next day? 

Maybe next week?

Next month?

Next year?



The superior self is waiting for you to take action. 

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Dr. Bryan Keith

Myomuv PT

We help active adults and athletes return to the activities they love without pain, without taking time off, and feeling more confident and capable than ever before.