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Your Pain is Your Pain.

Pain Treatment in Mauldin, SC

You are…. You.

It goes without saying.

I once read an article, and by one I mean three days ago; that the city of Montreal has a 150 million annual budget for snow removal and clean-up. 

Now Montreal seems like a great city. They have a great culture. They have excellent systems. They have great communities.

It must be there 150 million annual snow removal budget that keeps the ship sailing.. .right?

Imagine if Greenville, SC looked to Montreal for inspiration and said

“This is what Montreal does to remain a top thriving city so this is what we need to do.”

Greenville, SC having a 150 million annual budget for snowfall when it snows, at best; twice per winter. And they’re typically very mild snowfalls. 

We would get some angry tax paying citizens, wouldn’t we?

Analogy time

This is what happens in fitness and especially in pain management. 

We see something that worked with our friend, uncle, co-worker, community group member, workout partner, etc; and say “that must be why they solved their pain” It was that


-laser therapy

-dry needling

-chiro adjustment

-physical therapist


You name it.

Pain is unique to you. Just as you are unique to this world. I’m not even trying to get sentimental here. But it’s the truth. 

This is why generalized advice around the management of pain or injury can actually be harmful.

Traditional medicine has tried to make your pain an algorithm, like its a textbook case. Do this. Then do this. Then do this. Then this will happen. And BOOM, its solved. 

We all have a unique relationship with pain. 

We tell all of our clients here at Myomuv that the first step in solving pain is understanding it. 

Pain is a threat response. Pain is both a sensory AND emotional experience. Pain competes with:

Your lifestyle.

Your behaviors.

Your beliefs. 

Your story.

Your injury.

Your pain. 

You want someone who understands all of those competing variables. Imagine trying to build a home and you don’t even have the right blueprint from the architect? 

Want to see what individualized treatment looks like that will get you out of pain sooner and keep it that way? 


Dr. Bryan Keith

Myomuv PT

We help active adults and athletes return to the activities they love without pain, without taking time off, and feeling more confident and capable than ever before.